Link Blockchain / Luxtag presentation @ WORQ Damansara

Presentation by Link Blockchain

Censorship-free content platform. Founder Jonathan Brown has this vision in mind when building Link Blockchain, a project which enables the creation of content-publishing platforms similar to Twitter, YouTube, Medium and other platforms. No one is barred from participating and no content can be deleted. Activated on Thursday 27th April 2017, Link Blockchain’s proposed dapps (decentralised apps) ‘is a protocol for interconnected distributed content apps that empower the individual’.

During the event, both Jonathan and Link Blockchain dapp developer James Drummond showed how Link Blockchain works in the backend and how its token $LINK is issued. The Ethereum-inspired project uses the token as cryptofuel for content publishing and a beta censorship-free Twitter-inspired platform is currently in the works. $LINK is available for mining and purchasing.

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In the same event, Luxtag founder Rene Bernard explained how his blockchain startup issues digital certificates for physical assets, which enables proof of ownership and authentication system. Luxtag is built on the NEM blockchain.

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