DevX Global Tour - KL
The APAC region Guild chapter is getting started with events across nine different cities in the region. 🥳🎉
Posted on 2023-04-30
DevX Global Tour - KL

Draft Schedule (actual schedule might be slightly different)

​7pm: Polygon overview. Exciting stuffs you can build on/with: Polygon zkEVM, Polygon ID, DappStoreKit, etc.

​7.30pm: Building with Infura - ConsenSys

​7.45pm: session 

​8.00pm: Account Abstraction with Trust Wallet

​8.15pm: session 

​8.30pm: Circle session

​8.45pm: networking

DevX Global Tour - KL
Register ends: 2023-04-30 11:59 pm
Polygon Guild
18:00:00 - 23:59:00
Avante hotel