ACCESS Blockchain Association Committee


Rene Bernard


Rene is an international tech entrepreneur since 2002 and studied Business Engineering in Germany. Since 2009, he has been focusing on cybersecurity and IT system administration. A Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) and the first president of the NEM Association of Malaysia, a non-profit bringing forward the development and adoption of NEM blockchain, Rene currently works on his youngest blockchain project, LuxTag.

suraya zainudin

Suraya Zainudin


Suraya is an independent communications consultant specialising in online content creation and management. Previously worked in various local and international NGOs, she now acts as Country Manager (Malaysia) for Wirex Limited, an online banking platform specialising in mobile banking, remittance and bitcoin debit card. A personal finance enthusiast and a Certified Bitcoin Professional, she also writes about cryptocurrencies in Ringgit Oh Ringgit.  

aaron ting

Aaron Ting


Aaron is the VP of Malaysian Investors' Association (Investor Education, Trade Promotion and Minority Shareholders Rights).  A strong cryptocurrency advocate, he promotes real-world application of Blockchain Tech and assimilation of Blockchain with Big Data and AI - as a tool to achieve socio-economic objectives in Asia.  He also participates in ZCoin (XZC) crypto project which provides cutting edge privacy and cybersecurity solutions.


Colbert Low


Colbert is a Senior Advisor with over 12 years of IT global operations and project management experience. As an avid crypto-currency enthusiast and owner of a bitcoin blog at since 2012, he has organised various blockchain technology meetups in and around Malaysia and has built up a solid crypto community with diverse backgrounds.


Affendi Ariffin


Affendi is a private equity analyst specializing in Malaysian SMEs, with experience ranging from education, to manufacturing, to agriculture. Firmly believing that widespread cryptocurrency adoption will be a boon to our local SMEs, Affendi dreams of cryptocurrencies being accepted by merchants nationwide. Affendi regularly writes about SME issues and can be reached at

nasir sobri

Nasir "Nas" Sobri

Committee Member 1

Nas is a serial Internet entrepreneur for over 25 years.  He holds a degree in computer engineering (BSE) and Masters in Technopreneurship. Currently serving as Managing Director for Zenith Touch Sdn Bhd ( and Deputy Secretary for NEF (Malaysian Association of Bumputera ICT Entrepreneurs & Industry), Nas is also the founder of #senangbit, an initiative to encourage digital cash adoption.

Anson Zeall

Committee Member 2

Anson Zeall is the Co-founder/CEO of CoinPip, a money transfer service leveraging on blockchain technologies. CoinPip is backed by 500 Startups, one of the most prominent venture capital firms in Silicon Valley. Anson is also the Chairman of ACCESS Singapore and an instructor of blockchain 101 at General Assembly Singapore. Prior to CoinPip, he ran a private family office in Singapore managing various asset classes, equities, derivatives and real estate. Anson is an alumni of University of New South Wales and Columbia Business School.

chandra kumar

Chandra Kumar

Committee Member 3

Starting out in academia, Chandra began a 20-year stint as a stock/futures broker before transitioning as a Local. He served as Deputy President of the Remisiers (stock brokers) Association of Malaysia and speaker for Securities Commission-organised nationwide roadshow in 2001. Chandra developed webRemisier, an app that manages clients' trades and portfolios. He wrote "Navigating Today's Treacherous Markets", contributed to the Ethereum Homestead documentation, and shares occasional crypto studies through his website.